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Curiosity drives our thinking.
Diligence drives our decisions.


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Our Promise

We invest your capital as an extension of our own.

We source our own ideas, relentlessly evaluate risk, and deliver targeted results. Our goal is to capture an attractive and often uncorrelated risk/return profile through a broad range of investment strategies.

We conduct our own research and diligence to identify both the quantitative and more subjective qualitative risks that can impact an investment. Additionally, we utilize our extensive network built over two decades to complement our work and challenge our biases. We emphasize wealth preservation through strong downside protection.

We believe that certain types of investment opportunities are best targeted with a diversified approach. We provide access for clients who value our thought leadership, due diligence, and sourcing expertise.

Our roots as a single-family office shape our approach. Our clients invest alongside us, and we prefer to invest with people who, like us, have significant personal capital in their strategy. We seek to negotiate favorable terms which we pass along to our partners.